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Business Resilience Measurement Tool Development

Tools_PageBusiness Resilience Measurement Tool Development (BRIT Part 7/22)

Development of a Business Resilience Measurement Tool

McManus’s (2007) model of relative overall resilience was developed over a 10- year period and was created as a deliverable/result of a doctoral dissertation.

The model was then further enhanced through research by Stephenson (2010), which updated the model to include two overarching resilience dimensions, which include 13 resilience indicators.

Stephenson utilized the research study to analyze organizational resilience in New Zealand.

The study conducted by ThinkGRC’s lead researcher further contributed to that research by utilizing the model and survey tool to analyze business resilience in the state of New Jersey.

ThinkGRC’s Business Resiliency Index Tool© provides all businesses, small and large the ability to quickly learn their business resilience score and posture as well as areas of strength and weakness. Business can also learn how their company compares with others in their industry.

Learn how prepared and resilient your business is, “before” the next big disaster event!


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