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Business Resiliency Framework

Business Resiliency Framework_Page_AtomsOur Business Resiliency Framework provides companies with a methodology to comprehensively identify overall resilience strengths and weaknesses. With newly identified resilience information, companies can then work toward prioritizing the required changes needed to enhance both its resilience score and resilience posture. Businesses should continuously look to enhance resilience as a part of their long-term operational strategy and mission.

As with any framework, it is important to review the elements that provide the underlying structure and foundation which define the framework.

Please access any of the links below as each identifies a different element of our Business Resilience Framework and provides additional valuable information to assist your business with enhancing resilience.

Business Resiliency Framework

What is Business Resilience?

The importance of Business Resilience

The business case for Business Resilience

Is Your Organization Resilient?

Why measure Business Resilience?

Leading indicators of Business Resilience

Organizations lack an understanding of Resilience

Why our Organizational Resilience Study is so significant!

What is our Resilience research based on?

The 4 Rs Concept of Resilience

Organizational Sensemaking

Organizational Adaptability

Organizational Risk and Threat Profiles

Prior Organizational Resilience Studies

A “Model” for Resilience Based on Research

Business Resilience Indicators

References and Citations

Business Resiliency Index Tool

Business Resiliency Index Tool Overview

Business Resiliency Index Overview

Business Resiliency Index Tool Survey

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