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Business Resiliency Index Tool Research Videos

Business Resiliency Index Tool Overview (BRIT Part 1/22)

The Importance of Business Resilience Presentation (BRIT Part 2/22)

Why Measure Business Resilience (BRIT Part 3/22)

Resilience and Business Performance (BRIT Part 4/22)

The Business Case for Business Resilience (BRIT Part 5/22)

Benchmarking Business Resilience (BRIT Part 6/22)

Measurement Tool Development (BRIT Part 7/22)

Planning Indicators Overview (BRIT Part 8/22)

Adaptive Capacity Indicators Overview (BRIT Part 9/22)

Unity of Purpose Indicators (BRIT Part 10/22)

Proactive Posture Indicators (BRIT Part 11/22)

Planning Strategies Indicators (BRIT Part 12/22)

Stress Testing Plan Indicators (BRIT 13/22)

Leadership Indicators (BRIT Part 14/22)

Staff Engagement Indicators (BRIT Part 15/22)

Situational Awareness Indicators (BRIT Part 16/22)

Decision Making Indicators (BRIT Part 17/22)

Innovation and Creativity Indicators (BRIT Part 18/22)

Effective Partnerships Indicators (BRIT Part 19/22)

Leveraging Knowledge Indicators (BRIT Part 20/22)

Breaking Silos Indicators (BRIT Part 21/22)

Internal Resources Indicators (BRIT Part 22/22)


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