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Business Resiliency Index Tool

Business Resilience IndicatorsBusiness Resiliency Index Tool

The following is a 22 part content and video series on the ThinkGRC Business Resiliency Index Tool.  Learn how the Business Resiliency Index Framework has been implemented in an easy to use survey tool.  The survey tool is used to identify and measure Business Resilience program metrics.

To learn more about the history and development of the framework please visit the Business Resiliency Index Overview page.

To learn about the survey tool and how the metrics are used to measure Business Resilience program effectiveness, please see below.  Each page contains content and video.  If you would like video only please visit our Videos page.

  1. Business Resiliency Tool Overview
  2. The Importance of Business Resilience
  3. Why Measure Business Resilience
  4. Resilience and Business Performance
  5. The Business Case for Business Resilience
  6. Benchmarking Business Resilience
  7. Measurement Tool Development
  8. Planning Indicators Overview
  9. Adaptive Capacity Indicators
  10. Unity of Purpose Indicators
  11. Proactive Posture Indicators
  12. Planning Strategies Indicators
  13. Stress Testing Plans
  14. Leadership Indicators
  15. Staff Engagement Indicators
  16. Situational Awareness Indicators
  17. Decision Making Indicators
  18. Innovation and Creativity Indicators
  19. Effective Partnerships Indicators
  20. Leveraging Knowledge Indicators
  21. Breaking Silos Indicators
  22. Internal Resources Indicators
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