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Leading indicators of Business Resilience

Leading indicators of Business ResilienceIn 2014, Resilient Organizations published a set of 13 indicators to assess the resilience of an organization.  This research was critical to the development of the ThinkGRC Framework.  A listing the the Resilient Organizations indicators has been provided below.

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  • Resilience – The ability to survive a crisis and thrive in a world of uncertainty.
    • Leadership & Culture
      • Decision Making
      • Staff Engagement
      • Leadership
      • Situation Awareness
      • Innovation & Creativity
    • Networks
      • Effective Partnerships
      • Internal Resources
      • Leveraging Knowledge
      • Breaking Silos
    • Change Ready
      • Unity of Purpose
      • Planning Strategies
      • Proactive Posture
      • Stress Testing Plans

Resilient Organizations, 2014*

Resilient Organizations Indicators

* Resilient Organisations is a trans-disciplinary public good science research organization based at the University of Canterbury.

For a definition of each of these indicators see: organizational‐resilience.html

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