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Organizations lack an understanding of Resilience

Organizations lack an understanding of ResilienceWith the increasing complexity of disasters, organizations should focus on increased disaster preparedness, and more importantly on organizational resilience. The objective of measuring organizational resilience is to provide organizations with leading indicators of their resilience. Disaster planning with an emphasis on building organizational resilience has the potential to enhance efficiency and coordination before and during the response to disaster events (Moss & Townsend, 2006; Tierney, 1997). The primary problem statement of this dissertation is: “Organizations lack an understanding of resilience or knowledge with regard to resilience posture or resilience score.”

The purpose of this research is to perform an analysis of organizational resilience on a sample of respondent organizations located in New Jersey. As noted by McManus, Seville, Vargo, and Brunsdon (2008), “Resilient organizations contribute significantly to resilient communities. However, the task of building more resilient organizations is complicated by an inability to translate the concept of resilience into tangible working constructs for organizations” (p. 81).

Research has shown that organizations are unaware of their resilience posture or what are the specific resilience indicators that determine organizational resilience. This research utilized a the Benchmark Resilience Tool developed by Resilient Organisations (Lee et al., 2013) with the objective of analyzing organizational resilience of New Jersey respondent organizations. Various organizational stakeholders were provided a survey questionnaire as part of this research. This research analyzed existing organizational resilience in New Jersey by adopting a resilience benchmarking survey tool (Lee et al., 2013) derived from previous research in New Zealand. The survey tool had been previously confirmed as a reliable tool to measure and benchmark organizations’ resilience (Somers, 2007; Stephenson, 2010). The purpose of this research is to enhance future organizational disaster preparedness and response by identifying each respondent organization’s resilience value.

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