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Planning Indicator Presentation

References and CitationsBusiness Resilience Planning Indicator Presentation (BRIT Part 8/22)

Resilient Organizations IndicatorsBased on prior organizational resilience research, three overarching categories emerged:

  • Leadership & Culture
  • Change Ready
  • Networks

On the following slides, each category is presented along with the underlying resilience indicators which make up that category.

* Resilient Organisations is a trans-disciplinary public good science research organization based at the University of Canterbury.

Planning Indicators

Unity of Purpose: An organization wide awareness of what the organization’s priorities would be following a crisis, clearly defined at the organization level, as well as an understanding of the organization’s minimum operating requirements.

Proactive Posture: A strategic and behavioral readiness to respond to early warning signals of change in the organization’s internal and external environment before they escalate into crisis.

Planning Strategies: The development and evaluation of plans and strategies to manage vulnerabilities in relation to the business environment and its stakeholders.

Stress Testing Plans: The participation of staff in simulations or scenarios designed to practice response arrangements and validate plans.


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