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ThinkGRC provides both traditional and Virtual Consulting Services and a little of both to meet the needs of our customers.

ThinkGRC provides a complete turn key Business Resiliency program from project initiation to implementation, or act as as second set of eyes to ensure that you are developing best in class GRC & Business Resiliency programs.  

We will help you structure, analyze, develop, implement, review and audit program documentation.   We will analyze the current status of your program and ensure that you are using industry standard practices and implementing innovative data management techniques to ensure that your programs are adopted, effective and measured.

Services Provided

Outlined below are a small sample of the many services that we offer to clients in need of Business Resiliency and Root Cause Analysis program assistance:

  • Program implementation and management.
  • Development of structured frameworks to support program objectives.
  • Reviews, assessments, research and data gathering to thoroughly understand the current state of your programs.
  • Risk Assessments to identify risks, threats and vulnerabilities and prepare recommendations for controls.  
  • Business Impact Analysis to identify the likely and potential impacts from events on your organization and the criteria that will be used to quantify and qualify such impacts.
  • Development of Business Continuity,Response & Communications and Recovery Strategies for your organization’s operations and technology.
  • Plan implementation and documentation including the ThinkGRC Business Resiliency or Root Causes Analysis framework and index.
  • Implementation of Business Resiliency or Root Causes Analysis awareness, training, testing, maintenance and audit program functions.

Sounds Great – What do I need to do?

  • Contact Us via web or call +1 201 755 7557.  Please provide a little information about the status of your program and what you are looking for.
  • We will work with you to select timing and communication strategy to optimize participation and execute and legal documentation such as the ThinkGRC Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement to keep your information safe.                                        
  • We will provide a short 10 minute assessment for you and if possible key employees to complete and ask that you complete the ThinkGRC Business Resiliency Index to aid in the assessment.
  • Based on your feedback and the questionnaire we will provide a proposal and/or recommendations on how we believe ThinkGRC can help.  
  • This whole process is free so if you are interested in a proposal and recommendations for improvement please Contact Us now.


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