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Why Measure Business Resilience Presentation

Why measure Business ResilienceWhy Measure Business Resilience Presentation – (BRIT Part 3/22)

Why Measure Business Resilience

Let begin with an important question: “Why Measure Business Resilience?”

ThinkGRC deems it important to be able to measure business resilience for a number of different reasons.

Measuring business resilience is just one of the services we provide, to help businesses with overall governance, risk, and compliance processes.

Just within the last few years has comprehensive research been completed allowing the ability to measure business resilience.

Researchers at ThinkGRC have take prior organizational resilience research and has greatly enhanced it as a result of a research study completed in 2015 in the state of New Jersey.

Measuring Business Resilience Contributes to Key Organizational Needs

So why measure business resilience?

In summary, metrics for measuring and evaluating business resilience can contribute to four key organizational needs:

Key Organizational Need #1:

The need to demonstrate progress toward becoming a more resilient business

Key Organizational Need #2:

The need for your business to be leading, as opposed to lagging, with regard to the indicators of business resilience

Key Organizational Need #3:

The need to link improvements in business resilience with your business’s competitiveness in the marketplace

Key Organizational Need #4:

The need to demonstrate a business case for your business resilience investments.


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